About Shine Space Yoga

What does Shine Space mean? Shine Space has many different meanings, but here are a few:

  • Shine Space refers to the place within each of us where our light shines. Perhaps our light shines brightest while pursuing a career that we love, or with our children or loved ones, or perhaps it's a hobby or a pet or great friends. For many of us, finding that space within ourselves where our light shines brightest can be difficult journey - that's where Shine Space Yoga comes in! Yoga offers each of us the opportunity to create union between breath and movement which in turn calms the mind. It's through a calm mind that our true passions, our shining lights, can be found...if we listen. And if we already know what that light is, yoga lowers our stress levels, providing us with a clear mind to pursue our passions to their fullest extent and find the joy that accompanies a life well-lived.
  • Shine Space is the space we create where light can shine on what we "know," revealing a new truth. In yoga, we open our bodies and test the limits of what we know to be true. By opening our joints, our muscles and our ligaments, we create space for new truths. For example, you “know” you can’t touch your toes, which may be true today, but what about tomorrow? Or next month? Each time we arrive on our mat we have an opportunity to begin again, to create a space where we can truly discover ourselves.
  • Shine Space can also be taken literally! Wherever you’re doing yoga, this is your space to shine! You will leave each Shine Space Yoga class feeling renewed and ready to tackle life's challenges (or just ready to get a good night’s sleep!)

About Liz Schmidt

Liz Schmidt, MBA, RYT-200, founder of Shine Space Yoga, found her "shine" when she came to yoga in 2010. Beginning her practice in San Francisco in a gym setting, she quickly moved to a studio where her true passion for yoga was ignited. Liz has been practicing yoga consistently since then and has truly found a life beyond her wildest dreams - one filled with hope, serenity and amazing people. Liz is no stranger to stress - she's done B2B sales in New York City, earned her MBA in San Francisco and runs a marketing department in Baltimore. But even through this stress, Liz has maintained a good and healthful life, one that she attributes wholeheartedly to her yoga practice. Liz was fortunate to earn her yoga teaching certificate through Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga -- she is honored to teach yoga in the Baltimore area and is looking forward to teaching you!